A message to our terrific students

—From Brett & Kim Homann

Thank you for standing with us through these uncertain times and taking the journey with us.  For all of those students who have continued to forge through your training via zoom class and kicksite library videos.  We thank you and congratulate you.  You have shown such determination and perseverance.  We are proud of everyone for not giving up, for fighting through, showing your courage, determination and continuing to train no matter what.  This has shown us that your Martial Arts training means so much to you and that you will persevere no matter what the circumstances.

We are all taking this journey together and we will come out better when this is over.  We will come back to the school and you will be much stronger.  We see greatness in you.  Keep looking forward and doing your best.  Get up everyday with the best attitude you can have and think of all the blessings that you have in life.  We are lucky and fortunate in so many ways.

We want to thank Sensei Madi for helping us during this difficult time by being amazing and selfless.  Our staff has gone above and beyond to help keep students together and make sure you are moving forward.  We will be back at the school soon and we are excited to see you in person again.  If you get discouraged at all with your training, please contact Brett or Kim.  We are here to help!

We will open May 26 with a different schedule.  We will also still have zoom classes and the kicksite library videos.  The schedule for in person and zoom classes will be available soon in a separate email.  The schedule might change a couple of times as we navigate through this process. Please be patient with us.  We are trying our best.

We will be wiping down all surfaces and disinfecting between classes.  Every night the entire school will go under a deep cleaning process and all floors will be sanitized.  To help with social distancing, we are asking parents and siblings who do not participate in karate to wait in their car or socially distance yourself outside the window to watch class, or you may drop your child off.  We plan to have most classes outside if the weather permits.  If classes are outside, parents can watch the class if they can socially distance themselves 6 feet apart.  In your gym bag you should include gym shoes, fist guards, sunscreen, water bottle, and a jacket in case karate training is outdoors.  You are welcome to wear any personal protective equipment (PPE) such as a mask, gloves, or (socks if class is inside.) If you need to use the locker room or bathroom, only two people are allowed at one time in these areas.

When you come to class, we ask that you check yourself in and put hand sanitizer on your hands. Then, find a piece of tape on the workout floor or another marker if class is outside.  Sit in that spot until class is ready to start and all students are in class.  We do not want anyone congregating in the common areas.  When class is finished, we will dismiss by row and immediately wait outside for your parents with social distancing.  If you feel unsafe checking yourself in, please continue to email your attendance weekly and you can skip this step.

There will be no sharing of equipment such as fist guards and leg guards that we provided in the past. If you need any of these items, please let us know.  We have them for purchase.  There will be a few classes that we will hit tall standing bags and we will require all students to have fist guards while hitting the bags.

If you or anyone in your family is sick, please stay at home and join a zoom class or a kicksite video.  We will continue to provide the best martial arts in the country as we try to keep our environment clean with nightly deep cleanings.  We care about our students and karate families.


Brett and Kim Homann
HKD Staff

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