Homann Karate Dō’s Children’s Programs

At Homann Karate Dō, martial arts training is not just about learning self-defense, it’s about improving the whole person in every way imaginable. Traditional martial arts is way of life, a code of conduct that guides one to lead a healthy, principled life filled with meaning and achievement. This philosophy forms the core of all the training programs at Homann Karate Dō.

Begin At Age 3.5 or Older

You can begin your child’s martial arts training as young as 3.5 years of age. Realize that the sooner kids begin their martial arts training, the more benefits they receive. That’s because when young children grow up in a structured, positive environment focused on core values like respect, self-discipline, and health they’re more likely to carry those values with them into their teenage years and on into adulthood.

Build Self Confidence

Parents often report seeing dramatic improvements in their kids’ self-confidence, academic achievement, and athletic ability in as little as six months after beginning their training.  Additionally, the increase in self-confidence often leads to better social skills, a more positive outlook on life, and the kind of resilience that kids need to confront bullying in an effective way.

The Secret To Success With Kids

What’s our secret to success with kids? It’s our highly trained instructors who make learning fun! By pairing each child with his or her own personal instructor, we make sure that each kid gets the expert attention needed to become successful.

Along with training, kids also attend fun, interactive classes run by multiple instructors who are there to make sure that every child gets the most out of each workout. Additionally, the school offers parents and kids the opportunity to train together, so that the whole family can benefit from this unique training.

Ask about our family class and train with your children!