Teen & Adult Classes

Stress Relief + Weight Loss + Focus

Homann Karate Dō provides teenage students and adults the ideal way to get into shape, while learning one of the world’s most effective systems of self-defense. Homann Karate Dō offers the most comprehensive training available anywhere to help students develop strength, coordination, balance and physical agility. The training also teaches teens to become focused, self-confident, and disciplined. Teens also learn how to set and achieve short and long-term goals, an invaluable skill needed for success later on in life.

At Homann Karate Dō, martial arts is not just about learning self-defense or getting into incredible shape, it’s about improving the whole person in every way possible. Traditional martial arts is a way of life, a code of conduct that guides one to lead a healthy, principled and successful life. This philosophy forms the core of all the training programs at Homann Karate Dō.

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